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Master Sergeant & Professor
Daniel Fajardo

Daniel Mateo Fajardo small photo by Liz Fajardo
Mr. Daniel Mateo Fajardo

Daniel Mateo Fajardo is a true-blooded and proud Las Piñero born on July 21, 1878. His parents, Domingo and Lorenzana were also from Las Piñas City. According to his family, his father had roots originating from Malolos, Bulacan.


Maestro Daniel Fajardo was a soldier, musician, composer, educator, and a multilingual. He started playing music at the tender age of 11 and became part of a band which he later acquired in his adulthood. His foundation in music was molded by Spanish professors. At a young age, he had the privilege to perform in numerous concerts and learned different kinds of music. Later on, he took a larger role in the band by extending assistance mentoring the group. He loved their band so much that he acquired it later on in his life.


Daniel had a passion for sharing his knowledge and love for music with everyone. Thus, the reason why he became an excellent educator and contributed to the lives of many people.

Assistant Conductor,
Philippine Constabulary Band

He had been an educator since 1903. Aside from playing music with their band in Las Piñas City, Mr. Daniel Fajardo also performed with the Philippine Constabulary Band in Manila for 33 years. Philippine Constabulary Band or PC Band is the military band of the Philippines. Today, it is known as PNP Band.

Firstly, he started his brilliant service as a 2nd Class Musician. Then, he became a 1st Class musician. Soon, he became a soloist professor. Finally, he was promoted to his position and became the Assistant Conductor of Captain Fresnido and Colonel Loving of the Constabulary Band. 

The Philippine Constabulary Band at St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.
source: Missouri History Museum

During his stint as assistant conductor of the Philippine Constabulary Band, he toured multiple times in America, Hawaii, Guam, Nagasaki, Kobe, Yokohama, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. More importantly, he played in the inauguration of President William Howard Taft at the White House, the St. Louis World’s Fair (Louisiana Purchase Exposition), and the inauguration of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

PC Band 1909 Taft Inauguration
The Philippine Constabulary Band played at the 1909 inauguration of President William Howard Taft.
Source: U.S. Library of Congress
Philippine constabulary band, St. Louis exposition, USA, 1904.
Photograph is the property of Juvy Pastores.
The Philippine Constabulary Band leads the Philippine Scouts during a march-in at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Philippine Constabulary Band playing the National Anthem.
source: Filipinas Heritage Library
The Philippine Constabulary Band in 1904.

The Thanksgiving Tree
at St. Joseph Parish,
Bamboo Organ, Las Piñas City

As a gesture of gratitude for his safe voyage, Prof. Daniel Mateo Fajardo planted trees around St. Joseph’s Parish (Bamboo Organ Church) upon his return from his US tour. The Acacia trees that surround the church today are some of the trees left. Years after, a marker was issued by the Philippine government to recognize the history and significance of the Thanksgiving Tree. In 1980, Tree Preservation Foundation of the Philippines Inc. (TPFPI) recognized the importance of the Thanksgiving Tree. Thus, the tree century-old trees should be protected.

The actual Thanksgiving Tree marker standing in front of one of the remaining acacia trees planted by Daniel Fajardo in the early 1900s.
All the acacia trees surrounding St. Joseph Parish were part of his thanksgiving tree planting activity.
source: Google Images
Photo of the patio surrounding the parish and its façade.
source: Google Images
Daniel Mateo Fajardo thanksgiving tree marker awarded by Tree Preservation Foundation of the Philippines Inc. (TPFPI) - closeup shot by Vanessa Fajardo
Daniel Mateo Fajardo thanksgiving tree marker closeup shot by Vanessa Fajardo

Prof. Daniel Fajardo had also taught in various bands such as Banda ng Bacoor, Cavite; Banda Hagonoy, Bulacan; Banda Sexmoan, Pampanga; Banda Malabon, Rizal; Banda Kalayaan and Banda Kasarinlan in Pasay; Far Eastern University Band and the New Las Piñas Band. He was named by the Civil Service as Band Conductor of the Bureau of Public Welfare (Welfareville Band).


In recognition of his contributions to his townspeople and the pride he brought to Las Piñas City, the local government named a barangay in his honor; thus, Barangay Daniel Fajardo came into existence. Daniel Mateo Fajardo and Banda de Las Piñas paved the way for many locals to finish their studies and avail themselves of free education by availing scholarship grants and memberships in University bands. Up until this day, Banda de Las Piñas or Las Piñas Band continues his wonderful legacy and advocacy.

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