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The Maestro

Daniel Mateo Fajardo

Daniel Mateo Fajardo grunge artwork portrait standing by Liz Fajardo

Master Sergeant and Professor Daniel Mateo Fajardo

soldier. musician. composer. educator. multilingual.

Maestro Daniel Mateo Fajardo learned music at a very young age. In addition, he performed in numerous concerts locally and internationally. As a result, he gained extensive knowledge of music theory and methodology.


Daniel Fajardo was passionate about sharing his knowledge and love for music with everyone. That is the reason why he became an excellent educator. Through his profession, he was able to contribute to the lives of many people, most especially in his hometown.

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The Legacy

Las Piñas Band

Banda de Las Piñas - Las Piñas Band Logo

Banda de Las Piñas

Las Piñas Band, also known as Banda de Las Piñas is the oldest known marching band born in the heart of Las Piñas City. Indeed, the band witnessed significant phases in Philippine history. Thus, it lived through different eras: Spanish, American, Japanese, and modern-day.


The band won prestigious competitions in the country and achieved milestones. More importantly, they became envoys of their humble hometown showcasing, their beautiful culture and world-class talent.

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The New Band

Las Piñas Band 91

cropped Las Piñas Band Group Photo (Bamboo Organ) 2021 Christmas Concert HIGH RESOLUTION

Las Piñas 91

After 38 years, a group of talented young musicians approached Mr. Raymond Fajardo, grandson of Mr. Daniel Fajardo, and proposed reopening Banda de Las Piñas. Finally, on June 12, 1991, the band was officially revived with Mr. Fidelito “Feddie” Timbang taking over the baton. Hence, the first batch of musicians of the revived band coined themselves as Las Piñas Band 91.


Nonetheless, Las Piñas Band 91, Las Piñas Band, Banda de Las Piñas are all the same. Thus, they are the same band under the same management established in 1927. 

A group photo of Las Piñas Band (LPB91) during their 32nd anniversary at Santuario de Ezekiel Moreno, Las Piñas City - drone shot by Liz Fajardo
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