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The Revival of Las Piñas Band

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The Revival of Banda de Las Piñas

After Professor Daniel Mateo Fajardo died in 1959, the family decided to close Las Piñas Band’s operations. For almost four decades, the history and music of Daniel were buried in the family’s storeroom. Until the day of the awakening finally came.

Las Piñas Band 91 group photo at St Joseph Parish with Mr Raymond Fajardo, band manager
A photo of Las Piñas Band in the early 90s. On the leftmost standing is Mr. Raymond Fajardo, band manager.
Feddie Timbang of Las Piñas Band
Mr. Fidelito "Feddie" Timbang, maestro of Las Piñas Band (1991-2020))

After 38 long years, a group of talented young musicians came to Mr. Raymond Fajardo, grandson of Mr. Daniel Fajardo, and proposed the idea of reopening Banda de Las Piñas. Seeing great potential and dedication in the group, he decided to accept the proposal. With his approval, Raymond put an end to Las Pinas Band’s dormancy. He became band manager alongside a co-manger, Mr. Dominador “Boy” Pasco. With regard to musical direction and training, the group elected Prof. Fidelito “Feddie” Timbang as maestro and band director. At that time, he was a budding musical talent from the prestigious University of the Philippines College of Music. Because of his years of experience as a marching band musician and his musical training in UP, he became the best candidate to lead the band. 

After a very long hiatus, the Las Piñas Band finally held its first kademya or band session on June 6, 1991. On June 12, 1991, they officially revived the band. As a way of commemorating that momentous moment and for having that sense of pride, the first batch of musicians coined themselves as Las Piñas Band 91. Hence, the reason why at present, Las Piñas Band now tends to highlight and celebrate their revival/rebirth anniversary every June 12. Nonetheless, Las Piñas Band 91 is Las Piñas Band or Banda de Las Piñas, running under the same management established in 1927. As of now, Las Piñas Band and the Banda de Las Piñas Management is years old.

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The New Blood of Musicians

Las Piñas Band 91 old group photo in the early 90s at St Joseph Academy - Daniel Mateo Fajardo Website
Las Piñas Band at St. Joseph’s Academy Quadrangle in the early 90s. Standing 2nd from left is Mr. Boy Pasco and far-right is Mr. Raymond Fajardo, LPB band managers at that time.

Right after their reactivation, the band was able to get asistencias or bookings on major events that spanned across the Philippines: Corregidor, Bataan, Subic, Quezon, to name a few. The new blood of musicians became the band’s foundation of solidarity and camaraderie. The band had been through storms, trials, and hardships; yet the band still stands today. They played under the heat of the scorching sun, under the rain, passing through floods and marching countless kilometers through streets, alleys, pathways. They marched as one family through thick and then, for the love of service through music.

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Las Piñas Band at Present

In an unfortunate event in October 2020, Prof. Fidelito “Feddie” Timbang bid farewell to the world. He was the fortress of the band for 29 years, shaping each of the musicians in the correct principles and discipline in music, more so, in life. Through his musical talents and excellent leadership skills, the band achieved numerous awards and produced outstanding musicians and professionals. Upon his passing, the group awarded the maestro’s position to Professor Filip Timbang, son of Prof. Feddie Timbang.

Mr. Feddie Timbang
Mr. Fidelito "Feddie" Timbang, maestro of Las Piñas Band (1991-2020))
Professor Fillip Timbang - maestro and band director of Las Piñas Band at present
Professor Fillip Timbang - maestro and band director of Las Piñas Band at present

Maestro Filip Timbang veteran musician in Las Piñas Band 91. The former maestro, his father, molded him in the discipline of music at a young age. Through his musical skills and experience in Las Pinas Band, he had the privilege to study in one of the best universities in the country. In 2020, he graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Music with a Diploma for Creative and Performing Musical Arts – Major in Saxophone. He trained under Prof. Michael Mark Guevarra. Moreover, he is a homegrown talent and proud member of the UP Symphonic Band and Project 201 Big Band.



Given his exceptional talents, expertise in music, and profound experience in band management, Las Piñas Band is confident that the current maestro will continue and even exceed the outstanding leadership, discipline, and quality of musical education that his late father started.

Commemorative photo of Las Piñas Band 91 celebrating their 30 years (June 12, 2020) at the facade of St. Joseph Parish
Commemorative photo of Las Piñas Band 91 celebrating their 30 years (June 12, 2020) at the facade of St. Joseph Parish

Las Piñas Band continues to adapt to change and strive for excellence as the world faces the new normal. Las Piñas Band continues to be an envoy of goodwill through music and devotes itself to continuing the same advocacy that Daniel Mateo Fajardo started: improving the quality of life through service, free education, and a deeply-rooted passion for music & excellence.

From 1927 to 1991 and towards the future, we vow to share our passion, proudly carrying the Las Piñero culture and tradition with us as we pass it on to the next generation.


Continuing our legacy and tradition of excellence in music, we are Las Piñas Band.

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